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The previous year seemed to be the period in the economic development, when the leading freight forwarding companies increased manufacturing output and optimized movement of international freight. In the nearest future, global manufacturers, retailers and CMR-insurance services providers will face major changes in regard to methods of warehousing and transportation of large and oversized cargo.

In the next era of globalized and technologically integrated world the priority will be given to those manufacturers and freight forwarders that are able to sell where they build. In fact, it will help to make supply chains less dependent on transportation costs and be more cost-effective. Third-party logistics services, including CMR-insurance services, are going to exercise a great range of logistics planning and management.

As stated in the annual study in the third party logistics, over 10% of sales revenue obtained by the companies is spent on logistics services. The research has also shown that the logistics service providers have grown significantly over the last couple of years. As a matter of fact, contemporary third-party logistics services provide everything, from local to international cargo transportation, including large and oversized cargo transportation, warehousing, customs documentation and supply chain management.

Insurance Services Providers

The research in third-party logistics has figured out that some third-party logistics providers are not competent enough to use complex information technology, including multiple database and custom applications that help to manage the process of international cargo transportation more efficiently.

Another meaningful factor of effective logistics sector development is collaboration with partners, counter-agents and employers. Complex tasks and sophisticated logistics projects should be arranged in collaboration with each client and employer involved in management of that project. To this extent, project transportation should include compliance with specific customer requirements that might need support of various services for corporate clients. As a result, collaboration and proactive work of various international CMR-insurance services providers ensures service reliability and customer satisfaction with the level of freight forwarding services.

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