APS - International Freight Forwarder

In addition to wholesale cargo transportation APS is delivering additional services at the lower prices for each consignment. APS is an international freight forwarding and logistics company, works with all types of cargo transportation. Small and outsized cargos which are too expensive to transport singly are combined together in one load in order to lessen the transportation price. The following services are provided by APS in the course of groupage cargo transportation process:

APS delivers groupage cargo to the company’s consolidation warehouses within 24 hours. While groupage cargo is stored at the warehouses, it is possible to track each consignment separately for it is photographed upon arrival and in the process of storage, repackaging, reloading, etc. The documentation and custom formalities are taken care of by the company’s specialists. The accompanying documentation for every cargo in a groupage cargo load is carefully completed. APS offers short delivery terms to the maintenance centers in the destination regions.

“APS performs transportation of LTL cargoes in order to diminish the prices for small cargo delivery. Our warehouses in Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain accept groupage cargo and keep it for 5 days at lowered prices. There are all types of loading, unloading and consolidation services available at our warehousing premises. In addition, we perform groupage cargo transportation for dangerous cargo and temperature dependent cargo”, - says one of APS transportation specialists.

Short APS Overview

APS is an international freight forwarder that delivers such services as uni- and multimodal transportation by road, sea, air and railroad, as well as groupage and dangerous cargo transportation. The company has a vast warehousing network and a truck fleet to ensure faster and safer services.

http://bi.superfinanciera.gov.co/foro_sfc/user/profile/2514.page - APS company's short overview.
http://aps-solver.com/aps/ - history of the brand.

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